Digital Signal Processor

Tính năng

6×8 Audio Processor With Wireless Audio Transmission
  • DSP68 supports 6CH analog input and 8CH analog output with all processing and routing function.
  • On the internal architecture, any channels of 6 input can be selected for mixing,8 DIP switches can fast preset without connecting to a computer for debugging

Thông số kỹ thuật

Sample Rate/quantization 24kHz/96bit separate ADC/DAC
24kHz/96bit separate ADC/DAC Differential
Dynamic Range TYP>=112dB
Frequency response TYP<0.5dB


Digital Signal Processor
Performance 48bit Dual-core float


Analog Input
Electric Connection 6XLR connectors at rear panel
Input impedance 20kΩ
Max Output level +8dBu(2volts)


Analog Output
Electric Connection 8XLR connectors at rear panel
Dynamic range 112dB
THD -90dB (0.003%) @1KHz,+12dBV
Frequency Response +0/-0.5dB,20Hz to 20kHz
Crosstalk -90dB,20Hz to 20kHz
Output impedance


Max output level +8dBu (2volts)


User Interface
PC control interface With PC software
Power consumption <15W
Weight 3KG
Demension 48.2*16.5*4.4(cm)