Dual 12"Line Array System

Tính năng

· Each speaker has its own independent DSP power amplifier module,and the DSP parameters are accurately adjusted to ensure that each speaker is in the best       state.

· Mid-distance active line array speaker, tiny size but high efficiency,easy installation.

· 2 sets L824 peakers (4 speakers in an array) SPL is 126dB at 125m distance.

· Each L824 speaker has two high efficiency 12inch LF-Drivers and two 1.8inch HF-Drivers. Total power is 2800W.

· Input voltage: 90-260V Frequency: 50/60Hz.

· 100 deg. Horizontal coverage,   wider sound field and audience area

Hangable/stackable/Waterproof polyurea paint

Thông số kỹ thuật

Model L824           S824     
Driver (inch) Driver (inch) 1×24″
DC-Impedance 12.8 Ohm 4.8 Ohm
Freq.response (HZ/-6db) 60-20k 25-200
Power consumption (W) 700 1000
Peak Voltage (Vp) 200 200
Peak Current (Ap) 15 40
Peak power (W) 2800 4000
Sensitivity (db/m.w) 102 102
Maximum SPL (db) 137-149 137
Coverage (H°xV°) 110×15
Size (cm) 82x34x40 82x66x60
N.W.(kg) 32/25(Nd) 55/50(Nd)